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Our Story

Our story brings us back to the Winter of 2017, when the founders of our company traveled to New York to have a family dinner with their grandparents. While all of them were restaurant owners, they made the cuisine styles like their different restaurants, but what left the strongest impression was the food combination. They had the opportunity to dive into the traditional seafood boils and steak grills and it was unlike anything they've experienced before. After the pandemic slowed down, they finally had a chance to get together, and decided to combine their restaurant cuisines together into a big restaurant, and bring these foods together to Washington State, but with an Asian twist.


Our Cuisines

The Louisiana Seafood Boil and New York Fire Grill have been traditional for many years, and we couldn't be more excited to bring these styles of foods together to each and everyone of our guests. with decades of experience in the food industry, our founders were able to create the most incredible flavors that will leave your taste buds yearning for more. While our famous Zesty Cajun Boil seasoning is the perfect mix of Cajun, Lemond Pepper, Garlic Butter, and Szechuan spices, our famous Fire Grill seasoning is the perfect mix of Salt Pepper, Garlic Butter, soy sauce, and Sapporo Hibachi sauce. 


Our Ways

About Zesty Cajun Boil, you are able to customize your boiling experience; Once you choose from our seafood and seasoning option, our chefs will cook your food to perfection, then place your food and seasoning in our specially designed seafood boil bags to trap in all the heat and amazing flavor. About Zesty Fire Grill, you are able to customize your grilling experience. Once you choose from our meat option, our chefs will prepare your food, then place your ingredient on a 500-degree cooking stone charcoal to cook how you like.

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