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Understand Zesty Sport Bar

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Sport Bar is a bar catering especially to sports fans and typically containing several televisions and often sports memorabilia. A sports bar is also a place where customers can eat, drink and socialize while watching the latest televised sports events.

Zesty Cajun Boil

Zesty Sport Bar is dedicated to providing the premier fan, food and sports experience for residents and visitors of Pierce County. Our bar includes five 80 UHD TV's over the Main Bar and ten 70" UHD TV’s all over the walls creating an unmatched atmosphere to take in a sporting event and enjoy Cajun Boil and Stone Steak cuisine.

The new space focuses on the bar, where guests can watch the game on a plethora of televisions from communal or high-top tables. The main dining area features a mix of custom made tables and booths to accommodate parties of all sizes. From the couch or side chairs, guests can catch local sports or competitive gaming competitions.

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